Courses are available at all times. All courses are self-paced which means that you can start the course whenever you want.

Once you start the course, all content and lessons will be available for 14 days. If you don’t finish within that timeframe, you will lose the progress. 

Please, register your profile at the platform. Once registered, you will receive an activation email. After you activate your account, all public courses are available for you.

Sometimes, emails are marked as spam, so please check your SPAM folder or PROMOTIONS folder (if using Gmail). 
If the email is in spam, mark it as “Not a spam”. 

You don’t have to. Once you start the course, the system is following your progress and you can follow up on where you left. You can access whenever you want, within the timeframe of 14 days. 

Courses are interactive. We use videos, audios, interactive graphics and quizzes in our courses. You can use any device to access lessons. 
Once you start a lesson, click on Open content and you will see the content of the lesson. 

No, you do not. There are no certificates for completing a courses, at least not at the moment. 

It is necessary to go through all the content within the lessons for the button “Mark as complete” to appear. 
In some courses, it is required to finish a lesson to continue to the next one.